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Boutique Fairs 2019 - Spring / Summer Edition

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Boutique Fairs Singapore – The Revolutionary Entrepreneurs

Gone are the days where women took a back seat, driving their trade or business. The modern-day women are much revolutionized in the ways they conduct their daily self-employment, be it a vocation or their livelihood. The "makciks" -aunties in Malay, who caters curry-puffs daily for your morning coffee or event parties, now networks online on Facebook and Instagram to grow her business. Thus, networking and collaboration are two key factors of all business models.

Boutique Fairs Singapore is such an influential aspect in our market place for new and reviving old entrepreneurs. I was first introduced to it by some friends who owned local businesses. A twice a year event that promotes “local independent, design-led and socially responsible brands,” the mission of their founder Charlotte Cain who created this platform in 2002, for small Singapore based businesses. Her passion has definitely been quintessential for many successful local brands and the venue has grown even larger. Taking up both levels, L 2 & 3, divided into 6 space areas of the F1 Pit building, while extending its themes to Fashion, Home, Lifestyle & Kids, with an extensive network of 300 brands in participation. This year the Spring/Summer 2019 Edition will be held on the 29/30/31 March 

Roses and Rhinos are much pleased to announce that our showcase will be on 3rd Level as part of the “Boutiques Edit”, privileged in conjunction with the Textile and Federation Fashion. We first launched our collection in November 2017 at the fair, and since then it has been an integral part of our business. This Spring/Summer 2019 Edition, we are so excited about the larger space area and we have something new besides our core kid’s clothing line. Mums! You need to check us out on what’s in store for you. Another surprise is that you get to see the cool bags from JumpFromPaper on display. I am totally excited to meet and engage with my regular ‘customer friends’ and new customers, as I believe these fairs are the best time to receive feedback on how entrepreneurs can improve the designs of their products or find new market strategies. On a personal level, I can’t wait to participate in the workshops and the food outlets are super-yummy.

Boutique Fairs Singapore is the market place not only to be seen or the in-thing, but it is also the place to gather, network, collaborate, exchange ideas, support and cheer on each other towards the future of all local, design-led and sustainable enterprises. A fair that also allows customers to get introduced to locally designed items sold online that might not have brick and mortar stores. It is an exciting time for local businesses as you don’t have to work alone to grow your business anymore and you can find the right kind of support here at the fair.

Keep those dates free and say Hi to us as we love to meet all our Facebook and Instagram friends. Save the date 29/30/31 March Level 3 Boutiques EDIT area, F1 Pit Building. See you there!



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