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Help, It's School Break!

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Now there, if you are a mum and look forward to every school break - you are probably a super-mum. As much as you love your kids, to intentionally spend quality time with them 24/7 - you might need extraordinary superpowers, otherwise it could take years off your life. It gets worse if you are a full-time working mum, it sets you off on a guilt trip, as you elbow your way to the HR department, to approve your leave for that family vacation. This would probably take you off the hook of neglecting your kids, but it is a costly affair and probably not an affordable option, as you can’t run off to an exotic island or Disneyland, at every chance of a break.

Family Pow-wow time! Communications and negotiations would bring the best of your kids and ease some, “I already arranged that’ & “I don’t want to do that” unpleasantness. Here are some do-able alternatives that would work and teamwork is recommended - as you organize your activities.

Pre-plan weekly schedules and meals – Giving them pocket money and wondering why their weight is on the increase is not very apt. Spell them the value of nutrition with options. Plan daily schedules and a timeline to complete their homework. Throw in a treat or two for good behavior.

Find out what they get excited about – This allows you to close the age gap difference. Know what trends their life - the latest music, movies etc. Nevertheless, less screen time, more real time. Let your hair down and have some fun. Introduce playtime with some long- forgotten games that you could teach them in return.  


Teach them new life skills – Include making lists for groceries, meal planning, budget planning, ordering clothes or groceries online. etc. Check out and watch them make choices of size, colors, design, then experience the anticipation of tracking and waiting for the delivery. I let my kids design some of my clotheslines and it amazes me to watch their sense of excitement and achievement.

Enrol them in a special interest class – Great time to look for new interest, besides guitar lessons, try something different. Let them try out different skills without a need to excel. Something you don’t have to spend $$$. Community centers have a list of inexpensive classes for children to enroll: outdoor games, chess, Toastmasters club etc… Get your Passion Card and enrol online:

Check out things to do around Singapore – Things you can do together as a family. Watch football games, arrange picnics, botanic walks, museums, zoo, bird park, art events Universal Studio, Gardens by the Bay and many more. 

Now there! Claim your Super-mum Award! 


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