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CNY-The amazing colours, tastes and sounds of this festive time.

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The 5th of February will spring forth on us soon. The hustle and bustle of Chinatown and its multi coloured, mostly scarlet lanes, richly decorated with prosperity banners and lanterns. Preparations have begun for the grand celebrations to welcome the Chinese Lunar New Year 2019. Where life intensifies around family reunions and its traditional food spread; ang pows – red packets with money; the 12 Zodiac animals; the new almanac calendar, beginning with spring and the legendary myth of defeating a monster named Nian – how the ingenuity of a beggar saved the day for fleeing villagers. The Chinese take this once a year festivity on a very serious note, the auspiciousness of festivity precedes the goodness for the rest of the year. Let’s dwell with some Ps & Qs of the CNY Traditions.

    1) Colours of the Spring – Red signifies wealth and longevity. According to the legend, the three elements that defeated Nian were the colour red, fire and loud noises. This season if you do come across the heart-thumping sounds of the traditional lion dance, stay a while as that might ward off evil spirits. Having said that, any bright coloured clothes are acceptable and best to leave the black, whites and greys in your closets.
    2) Favoured Prosperity Food – The Chinese believe in the balance of Yin & Yang, an equilibrium derived from the food we eat. During the 15 days long celebrations – visitations from family and friends, especially on the CNY Eve, reunion gathering, they include a variety of food that spells prosperity, health, wealth and goodness.
      • Fish – Prosperity
      • Dumplings – Wealth
      • Spring Rolls – Wealth
      • Tangyuan (sweet rice balls) – Unity in Family
      • Tangerines – Luck and Wealth
      • Niangao (glutinous rice cake) – Promotions at work
      • Noodles – Health and Longevity
      • Yu Sheng – A 2000-year-old traditional dish made of raw-fish slices – everyone needs to LO-HEI once a year to usher in Good Luck!
      • Ang Pows are red packets with cash blessings, that makes CNY-the youngsters favourite time of the year as they tag along with their parents on family visitations. The rule of the thumb for these delightful practices, as these are only meant for un-married children to receive as blessings from elders and the cash amount should be in even numbers- $4/$6/$8/$10 or more - the most auspicious amount would be one that includes number $8, meaning good fortune.
      3) The 12 Zodiac Astrological Signs - A time of renewal, in this modern day, most families begin their spring cleaning before they welcome the governing zodiac animal for 2019, The Earthen Pig, the tail end of the 12-year cycle, that begins with the Rat, followed by the Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig. An original ancient tradition that began as an almanac calendar, a reminder to sow anew into the new season.

        Thus, we at Roses & Rhinos would like to celebrate 2019, the year of the Earthen Pig with our new line of CNY collection in line with the tradition of Auspiciousness. 


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