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Junior Spaceman Backpack

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Watermelon red

JumpFromPaper is An Official Designer Brand of 2D Design on 3D Bags & Cartoon Bags

JumpFromPaper are the modern accessory brand all the way from Taipei. The brand plays with graphics and illustrations to create real-world bags that literally look as if they ‘jumped from paper’.



The Pop Art Backpack
The bold two-dimensional appearance of each bag is guaranteed to turn heads and serves to bring joy and fun to the mundane.

Equipped with the shoulder strap pads and breathable fabric, the red backpack is perfect for comfort.

It has enough space for iPad, iPhone, car key and other personal items.   Let's show people your summer style!

  • Contracted: 30.4 x 34.3 x 3 cm
  • Extended:30.4 x 34.3 x 10 cm
  • Strap: 38 - 85 cm
  • Syle: Pop Art Bag, 2D Bag, Cartoon Bag
  • Material: Polyester
  • Cleaning: Dry clean only. Ask a professional to clean
  • Max capacity: Phone + iPad + Car Key + Notes

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