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Screen Time Awareness #myopia

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Hazards of the Screen

Recently, I came across an article on Psychology Today that anything more than an hour of screen time for kids, ages from two to seventeen, could be a reason for their lower psychological well-being. Researchers from San Diego State University published their studies about the developmental ill-effects that include less curiosity, more difficulty with friendships, more distractibility, less emotional steadiness, and less ability to complete tasks. These modern-day pacifiers are apps with games on the iPad and mobile phones and of course, we have the TV and X-box within the comfort of our homes. They save moments of peace for parents like you, who are busy juggling work time, family time and enjoy the quiet moments of peace. Well, you are in for a rude awakening.

Long periods of screen time take over their curiosity to examine life around them. Addiction kicks in as a temporary relief over other social aspects, that includes distractions while completing a task or homework done in a hurry. This might also bring down their confidence and create emotional issues, based on a cause and effect within their consequences. Another serious issue is the after effect of too much screen time, which alarmingly makes Singapore has one of the highest rates of myopia in the world. Look out for sign and symptoms such as eye strains, squinting and headaches. Go for an eye check at the optician if necessary. 

To probe further, simultaneously we have a chicken or egg issue in hand. To determine the nature of their addiction, parents should examine your kid’s personality and their social environment. If he or she does not enjoy playtime with friends or is less communicative, what are the underlying reasons? Is screen time too readily available, allowing them to spend less time at the playground or engage in any other form of creative work. Maybe, the social environmental issue is a cause that has hooked them to the screen. The same notion that applies on way too many adults drink far too much alcohol without any inhibition.


Within perspectives, now would be the best time to have that desired chat. If determined that perhaps, he or she is suffering from a case of self-isolation with social issues, this will also allow you to source the root of their problems. Once determined, the right course of action could certainly be set in place. Otherwise, the study suggests that the best way is to allow them to make their own “right” choices. This is a long-term solution to increase their value system and of course, to begin with, a few incentives would place them upon their right path; to schedule their screen time to a minimum. If they have tried and have fallen short, you have the option of purchasing apps online that might allow you to prevent them from excessive screen time. I found on, that allows you to time limits, homework & tasks, schedules, and instant pause. Choose one that works for you well.

Say No to Too Much Screen Time and Yes to More Family Time!

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