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Getting dressed and ready for Easter Hunts!

If you have ever thrown an Easter Hunt Party, you will agree with me that it is one of the best festive holidays that allows creativity and friendly competition among the kids, but lots of preparatory works for the adults. Here are some great ideas that you can include this year in planning the best Easter Hunt in the neighbourhood.

  1. Invitations – give a little thought about your invitees, their interactions, your space and time. Scampering kids about the house within a limited space could be a disaster unless you have a huge outdoor garden, otherwise, it would be wise to keep the invites to a minimum. Next, make your own invitations with old newspapers, vegetable cut prints or any other creative ideas. Your kids will love the idea, as they are given permission to make some mess.
  1. Food – simple finger food with covered party cups (coffee cups) for drinks, these prevent tumbles and spills. If you decide to make pasta or a casserole dish, place them in individual deep containers that allow the kids to carry with them and move around freely. Pinterest has multitudes of simple recipes- spoilt for choices, just created for Easter brunches.
  1. Easter Eggs – invite a few kids over for a couple of hours, a day earlier and give them sharpies, super glue, colourful craft papers, shimmers and a pair of scissors. Prepare the eggs beforehand; place hard boiled eggs together with cold-water in a pan to boil and simmer further for another 10 mins. Use food colouring to coat them with multiple colours and leave them to dry. Let your kids surprise you with their best work and encourage them to look at egg decorating books or articles. I saw a Pinterest that displayed Easter Egg emojis, that well could be your theme or something else that your kids would prefer. Make enough eggs for decorations and to be hidden around the house and garden, on the day of the party. Let your kids personalise the eggs with their initials. This adds extra excitement and a sense of pride when they find the ones that they had worked on. Include some store-bought chocolate bunnies and you are almost ready for the party.
  1. Dressing up – Easter is all about colours and springtime. Best time to bring out your most colourful frocks and shirts or check out to update your kid’s wardrobes.

That’s all folks! Easter Hunts are not that difficult to organize. Without fear and a little thought on the details, you could step out to organize and enjoy a safe and fun Easter party event for your kids.

Happy Easter from on this resurrection day!


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